School Fun Run Northcross

School Fun Run? Colour Run? A-thon?

Go Raise It Fundraising in  Australia will build a custom online website for your next online sponsored fundraiser - we can help with all your  school fundraising needs.

Does your School need Fundraising Ideas?

Go Raise It provides many different school fundraising ideas - we provide many different online fundraising options for schools - choose one or more to supercharge your school fundraising this year.

1. Why not run a School Fun Run?

One of our easiest school fundraising options a school fun run is a great option to fundraise for your school. Using Go Raise It's online fundraising platform we will smash your fundraising goals this year.

2. Or how about a School Colour Run?

School Colour runs require a little more effort but your students will have an amazing day. We can help organise colour powder and it only costs from around $1.50 per student.

3. A-thon Fundraisers online will smash your fundraising goals!

At Go Raise It we can customise your website for any type of Athon - we can even add in custom goals for your students to choose. We have run Move-athons, Well-athons, Knowledge-athons, Maths-athons, Read-athons and more!


Pay us a visit at Go Raise It to find out more about our school fundraising options.


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